Photo Booth Rental Products & Services

Have you ever wondered why other sites don't show you photos of their photo booths? For each photo booth or product below, you can click on the purple magnifying glass () to see larger photos of each product.

Fairy Booth™: Our Newest Photo Booth

Fairy Booth™ is the culmination of many years of providing photo booth rentals for weddings. Leveraging on our vast experience, we have designed Fairy Booth™ to be the ideal photo booth for weddings. Fairy Booth™ features:

  • Bridal brocade exterior to match your elegant decor
  • High-speed printer to get guests in and out quickly
  • Roomy interior can fit as many as 16 guests
  • Small footprint of 5' x 7' to fit into the tightest venues
  • Changeable backdrop to personalize the booth

    Memory Maker Guestbooks™

    Our Memory Maker Guestbooks™ are fun for the guests to put together. More importantly, they make for a memorable keepsake for the bride and groom or celebrant. Our Memory Maker Guestbook™ options include:

  • Bring Your Own Scrapbook (BYOS) You bring your own scrapbook and extra pages. PHOTOBOOTH Royale will provide gel pens, adhesives and help your guests with putting together the guestbook.
  • Standard Guestbook Kit PHOTOBOOTH Royale will provide the scrapbook, extra pages, gel pens, adhesives and help your guests with putting together the guestbook. Available Cover: Black Linen
  • Premium Guestbook Kit PHOTOBOOTH Royale will provide a premium scrapbook, card stock quality pages, gel pens, adhesives, embellishments and help your guests with putting together the guestbook. Available Covers: Brown Leatherette
    | Black Leatherette | Black Velour

    Customized Photo Strip Designs

    All of our packages include 2x6 photo strips that are personalized for your particular wedding. Our custom designed photo strips are unique in other ways:

  • Personalized Header The header of the photo strip is typically personalized with the bride and groom's first names, the wedding date and location. If you choose the 3-pose option described below, you can have even more room for a monogram or a loger message.
  • 3 poses or 4 poses If you need more room on your header for a monogram or custom message, you can choose to have three poses on your photo strip. Otherwise, four poses standard.
  • Choice of Borders and Fonts As a part of our photo strip design process, we will also be given the opportunity to choose from a selection of fonts and designer border styles.

    Delivery Distances and Set-up Time

    Each of our packages includes a specific maximum delivery distance depending on the package you choose. Additional miles are at the rate of $1 per mile. Each package also includes an hour of set-up time and an hour of tear-down time. Additional set-up or "Idle Time" is at the rate of $95 per hour.

  • Delivery Distances Delivery distances in your package are one-way, based upon Google Maps and our Service Center in Emeryville as the origin.
  • Set-up Time As a part of your package, you get one hour of set-up time. We arrive one hour prior to your opening time.
  • Additional Miles If your venue is greater than the number of miles included in your package, the extra miles are at the rate of $1 per mile traveled.

    Memory Keeper Magnets™

    Turn your photo strips into Memory Keeper Magnets™. This is available only from PHOTOBOOTH Royale. We have designed and contract manufactured these ourselves for our use. Our Memory Keeper Magnet™ features:
  • Strong Magnet to ensure that your strip stays on your fridge or any other metallic surface
  • Thick Clear Cover so that the picture inside the pocket looks its best
  • Easy Secure Pocket so that photos go in easy but stays in place
  • Pixi Booth™: Comes in Black, Brown or White

    Pixi Booth™ is our all-purpose booth. We have designed Pixi Booth™ to be a flexible photo booth for any occasion. Pixi Booth™ features:

  • Velveteen exterior to fit in with any event decor
  • High-speed printer to get your guests in and out of the booth quickly
  • Roomy interior can fit as many as 16 guests so an entire table can get in on all the fun together
  • Small footprint of 5' x 7' to fit into the tightest venues
  • Available in 3 Colors Black, Brown or White to match your event color

    Fun Maker Props™

    We offer a number of ways to add props to your package to enhance the photo booth silliness. Our Fun Maker Prop™ kit upgrade options include:

  • Bring Your Own Props (BYOP) You bring your own props. Our attendant will help your guests make the most of the fun.
  • 10-piece Value Prop Kit Our starter kit includes 10-pieces of props for the head, face and neck.
  • 20-piece Premium Prop Kit These are examples of props provided by PHOTOBOOTH Royale.

    Photo Enhance Backdrops™

    Our Photo Enhance Backdrop™ is designed to absorb light, instead of reflecting light. The enhance the image quality of the skin tones and add to the overall image quality, instead of creating a distracting reflection like reflective backdrops used by other photo booth companies. Our Photo Enhance Backdrop™ options include:

  • Smokey Gray Pro This pleasing neutral gray backdrop comes standard with all photo booth rental packages.
  • Vintage Ornate Our Vintage Ornate™ back drops include patterns reminiscent of vintage decor. They are non-reflective and complement weddings quite well.
  • Scenic Thematic Our Scenic Thematic™ back drops can be used to complement your themed wedding. We have themed backdrops for just about every occasion.

    Boothopia™ Online Gallery

    All of our packages include a free online gallery to host your photos at our own Boothopia™ photo gallery. Some of the features of your Boothopia™ gallery include:

  • Optional Password Proection If you you want your gallery to be password protected, let us know. There is no extra charge for this security feature.
  • Social Media Sharing You and your guests can instantly share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, other social media websites.
  • Unrestricted Downloads Your guests are welcome to download their photos and keep it for themselves. We never hoard your photos. They belong to you and your guests.

    Different Print Sizes and Quantities

    All of our photo booth rental packages come with 2x6 Double Strips as standard. With that, two strips get printed whenever someone uses the photo both. Here is an explanation of the other upgrade options available to you::
  • 2x6 Strips for Everyone With this upgrade option, if there are six people in the photo booth and each of them wants to take home a 2x6 strip, we would print enough "2x6 strips for everyone" who wants one.
  • 4x6 Double Prints With this upgrade option, each time someone uses the booth, whether it is one person or a group of six people, two, and only two, 4x6 prints automatically gets printed.
  • 4x6 Prints for Everyone With this upgrade option, we would print enough "4x6 prints for everyone" in the picture who wants a print, whether it is two people or six people.