Photo Booth Rentals for Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays and Other Grand Events

PHOTOBOOTH Royale specializes in photo booth rentals for events throughout Northern California. We designed and tailored our own photo booths to fit in perfectly with the elegant decor at your wedding, anniversary, corporate event, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, quinceañera or debutante ball. We serve all of Northern California, including the Carmel-Monterey Bay area, Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay area, the Napa-Sonoma wine country, the Greater Sacramento area and the South Lake Tahoe region.

LIVE! Event

Are you at an event right now with a PHOTOBOOTH Royale photo booth? Go here to see your your photos uploaded live: Live Event Photos

How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

PHOTOBOOTH Royale has weekday rental packages starting at $395, with a one hour minimum rental.
Rent a photo booth from PHOTOBOOTH Royale with rates starting at $395 Our weekend rentals require a 2-hour minimum rental. The rates for weekend photo booth rentals start at $595 for 2 hours.

You can find all of our prices on our photo booth rental pricing page and on our reservation request form.

Our Newest Photo Booth: Fairy Booth™

We are pleased to introduce Fairy Booth™. You can get Fairy Booth only from PHOTOBOOTH Royale since we designed and manufactured it. Fairy Booth™ features:

Fairy Booth, Photo Booth for Weddings

  • Bridal brocade exterior to match your elegant decor
  • High-speed printer to get guests in and out quickly
  • Roomy interior can fit as many as 16 guests
  • Small footprint of 5' x 7' to fit into the tightest venues
  • Changeable backdrop to personalize the booth
  • Your Event Photos

    Karen & Dennis
        Millbrae, CA
    Bark for Life SF
        San Francisco, CA
    Sheldon High School C/O 2004
        Elk Grove, CA
    Thanks to You! Event
        UC Berkeley, CA
    Stephanie's Quinceañera
        Vallejo, CA
    Legacy & Lauren
        Oakland, CA
    Catherine & Benjamin
        Carmel Valley, CA
    Joie de Vivre
        Ross, CA

    Some Photo Booth Rental Packages and Prices

    2-hour Weekday
    2-hour Weekend
    3-hour Weekend
    4-hour Weekend
    5-hour Weekend
    Hours 4 hours On-site:
    · 1 hour: Set-up
    · 2 hours: Pictures
    · 1 hour: Teardown
    4 hours On-site:
    · 1 hour: Set-up
    · 2 hours: Pictures
    · 1 hour: Teardown
    5 hours On-site:
    · 1 hour: Set-up
    · 3 hours of pictures
    · 1 hour: Teardown
    6 hours On-site:
    · 1 hour: Set-up
    · 4 hours of pictures
    · 1 hour: Teardown
    7 hours On-site:
    · 1 hour: Set-up
    · 5 hours of pictures
    · 1 hour: Teardown
    Photo Booth Attendant - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    Unlimited Turns - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    2x6 Double Strips - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    Personalized Prints - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    DVD of Images - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    Muslin Backdrop - Included - Included - Included - Included - Included
    Online Gallery - 4 Months - 4 Months - 6 Months - 8 Months - 10 Months
    Delivery & Set-up - 30-mile Radius - 30-mile Radius - 45-mile Radius - 60-mile Radius - 75-mile Radius

    About PHOTOBOOTH Royale

    We know that there is no shortage of photo booth rental companies to choose from. When you choose PHOTOBOOTH Royale, this is what you can expect.

    EXPERIENCED PHOTOBOOTH Royale has been in business for more than 6 years now. We have successfully worked with hundreds of party planners to make their event a success. We would appreciate the privilege of doing the same for you.

    SPECIALIZED PHOTOBOOTH Royale specializes in photo booth rentals. We are not event planners, DJ's, caterers, or photographers who just happen to have a photo booth to rent. We have a fleet of photo booths. Photo booth rentals are all we do. So, you can rest assured we know our stuff!

    HIGHEST QUALITY To give you the best quality, we design, build and craft everything ourselves. From this website, to your photo booth, to your personalized photo strips, we leave nothing to chance. We believe our meticulous attention to detail will result in top notch products for you.

    LOCAL We are local. We live and work here in Northern California just like you. You can reach us at any time.

    PASSIONATE We are passionate about what we do. We have chosen to build this business because it is what we like doing, working to turn every event into a successful gathering.

    What's Included with Your Photo Booth Rental?

    All of our Base Packages include the following:

    SET-UP AND TEAR-DOWN We give you up to an hour before and after your picture taking time to set up and take down the photo booth.

    UNLIMITED TURNS Your guests can go through the booths as many times as they like during your contracted picture taking time.

    PHOTO BOOTH ATTENDANT Our attendant will bring the booth, set it up and help your guests make the most of the booth.

    DELIVERY AND SET-UP We include a generous travel delivery radius with all of our packages.

    DOUBLE PRINTS You can choose to give booth prints to your guests. Or you can give one to your guest and keep one in your guestbook.

    PERSONALIZED PHOTO STRIPS All photo strips are personalized with the bride and groom's name, date and city. If you have a monogram, we can include that too!

    DVD OF IMAGES The high resolution photos on the disc are yours. We do not the use of the images with copyright.

    ONLINE GALLERY We host your photos on our servers. Your guests can download the photos or share them through social media tagging.

    Upgrade Products & Services

    Premium Backdrops
      Vintage Backdrop $95
      Scenic Backdrop $195
    Fun Maker Props™
      Bring Your Own Props $45
      10-piece Prop Kit $95
      20-piece Prop Kit $195
    Memory Maker Guestbooks™
      Bring Your Own Guestbook $45
      Standard Guestbook Kit $95
      Premium Guestbook Kit $195
    Additional Time
      Idle Time, Per Hour $95
      Picture Taking Time, Per Hour $195
    Photo Strips and Prints
      6-inch Strips for Everyone $95
      4x6 Double Prints $145
      4x6 Prints for Everyone $195
    2x6 Memory Keeper Magnets™
      50 pieces for 2x6 strips $95
      125 pieces for 2x6 strips $145
      200 pieces for 2x6 strips $195
    4x6 Memory Keeper Magnets™
      50 pieces for 4x6 prints $145
      125 pieces for 4x6 prints $245
      200 pieces for 4x6 prints $295
    Outdoor Power Generator
      Generator with UPS Backup $95